Patient Resources

New Patients

Please fill out the appropriate history form before your appointment and bring it with you to your first scheduled visit.  Please note that if the patient is 18 or older, the forms must be signed by the patient.

Bariatric patients – Please be sure to fill out both the adult history form and Bariatric questionnaire.

Neuropsychological testing patients – Please make sure to fill out the NP history form as well as the adult/child history form.

TeleHealth Information

If you are new to using Azalea Health’s (Azalea) Patient Portal or TeleHealth services, please check out the following guides to help you get started!

To get started using the patient portal check out the Patient Portal Walkthrough.

For laptop, desktop, and other computer users read the Patient Guide for TeleHealth – Computer Users.

For cellphone users or users of the free My HealthSpot App (on android and apple stores) read the Patient Guide for TeleHealth – Mobile Users.

Other useful links:

Azalea TeleHealth Video Guides (Video at bototm of page titled “How to join a TeleHealth Meeting”)

Azalea Health Patient Portal (To log in for TeleHealth sessions)