Welcome to Delta Family Clinic

 Attention!  As of April 17th, 2017,

We are located at 1309 S. Linden Rd. Suite C

Flint, MI 48532


Delta Family Clinic provides individual, child, group, adolescent, couples, spiritually focused and family therapy. We have decades of experience treating depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family and parenting difficulties.

Additionally, our staff is experienced in the treatment of addictions, eating disorders, behavioral issues, stress and anger management, grief and loss, assertiveness training, phobias, and many other therapeutic approaches. We offer biofeedback and behavioral stress management.

We also offer pre and post bariatric surgery counseling and group therapy. Our Attention Deficit Disorders Clinic offers both medications and non-medications treatments and interventions for children and adults.

Our clinic aims to provide treatment in a comfortable and confidential setting.